The Quest:
A vision for how you want to be in your life.

To underpin how you want to feel is to focus on the bigger picture. The Quest is a voyage of becoming.

Without a vision, one is swept along with the tides of life; so let’s set some ground, to unearth what wants to be imagined, with renewed perspective. This is an act of growing beyond what seems possible.

The RoadMap of three months of 1:1 coaching

︎Online ︎ 3 months (7 sessions)

  • Three Months Together
  • 1 x 90 Minute Discovery Session
  • 6 x 1 hour Maturation Sessions
  • Maturation Guides
  • Maturation BodyMind Tools & Techniques
  • Accountability Weekly Assignments & Integration
  • Life-Changing Tools
  • Practices & Daily Rituals


The Quest is an invitation to cultivate you and a life that you have not even met as yet ... from my own experience with this work, this is a priceless gift to yourself.

It will help you navigate the field of potential directions and feel more confident in your chosen course. This is an introductory program into deeper and more considered work to create the changes you most want in your life.

A vision creates the energy for change and takes into a new field of possibility. Your direction in life depends on your actions and attitude towards self-discipline and growth. A life vision is the big picture of your life, it's a holistic embrace of all areas, giving a more focus on what needs a rebalance: looking through the lens of spiritual connection; family and friends; health and wellness; mental, emotional and personal growth; love and relationships; and career, finance and business. We work on all areas of life that we discern is off balance.

If a key area is the vision of your Business we will use specific tools to help create picture of your vision, what your strengths are, where more growth is required, to shape your WHY, WHAT and HOW, and begin to look at your business model (three months is intro level for this). 

To start your journey book in a free 45 minute Discovery call. 

What others are saying...

“Working with Sarah has really helped me re-set on where I want to go and how to get there. My brief to her was ‘help me to be the best version of myself’ and I can confidently say I’m on a path to pursuing that thanks to her coaching. We moved between work, delving into different areas each week, exploring how I could improve on situations - whether emotional or other.

My life is running at a particularly fast pace & it’s transitional time, so to take time out, step back and reassess - with Sarah’s guidance - has been enormously transformational.”

- Jodie, Client of UNEARTHYOU

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