A Deeper Insight into Transformative Maturation

My previous experience of therapy was focused on mind only, and working to solve the 'problem'. My personal experience was one of frustration. I kept seeing my problems recurring as a pattern and on a loop. And even with the aid of a therapist, delving deep into childhood, I could not reach a resolution or feeling of purpose. I was stuck.

Maturation was and is a whole other level of self discovery and care. You get to the heart of the matter. You learn about yourself and what it means to be human.

“Maturation places you on the periphery of what we regard as the problem (story), so that we can shift towards a new perspective and be in a relationship with life."

We will carry with us imprints of painful and stressful experiences from our past, both physical and psychological, that have not yet been felt and are 'forgotten' at a conscious level.  Imprints live as active memories in our unconscious. They condition our physical, emotional and mental responses to life everyday without us realising it.
 We then 'use' these memories or mechanisms to avoid possible suffering and to protect ourselves. If they are not defused they continue to condition our lives and prevent us from experiencing the beauty and power of our true nature. Where pain becomes a pearl, as we recognise and process what is waiting to be learned.

The knowledge that is incorporated into maturation coaching is a blend of eastern philosophical teachings and western models. My work in this area also combines scientifically proven methods of working with trauma and the mind, with an ontological understanding of what it means to be human.

Together we will learn to understand what throws your emotional responses off course, what messes with your mental reactions, and why problems seem to repeat. You will release what wants to show itself hidden within, so you can have more power in your life.

Transformation is a human centred approach to coaching that facilitates and gudies one towards profound dramatic change.

Transformative Maturation holistic integrative approach. Connecting with the deepest parts of yourself, allowing you to reveal, embody and express the fullness of your own authentic and creative self.

It offers you new place to stand to make choices for you life. As Viktor Frankl called the last of human freedom “To choose one’s own way.” Choosing your own way has at least two key meanings: making decisions about what you want to happen and choosing how you respond to what does happen.

You gain knowledge and insight on what is holding you back, the dynamics and hurdles that generate hardships so that you can transform them and free yourself through developing clear awareness of their existence and impact.

This is the pathway of long-lasting and life-changing transformation.

A journey of creative living and healing.