Welcome to Unearthing Spaces.

Curated programs and retreats in collaboration with fellow, certified coaches and creative founders.

A haven to be in relationship with the cycles of life, and so with yourself.

Series 1 /
Sacred spaces
for deep exploration in ceremony and ritual.
The place for heartfelt connection to others and your Womanhood.

The perfect tonic for our modern lives. Our curations awaken the sleeping parts of ourselves to offer a platform to explore the messier, wilder, less ‘acceptable’ parts of us. To be seen, heard, and drop from the busy noise of the mind into the body. Honouring the whole self, the feminine and masculine, your light and dark. The secret parts where the magic lies with a want for something different.

Experiences weave together; embodied practises, rituals, breathwork and maturation as we co-led across transitions... To own your sovereignty  with tender embrace.

In co creation with Sara Nori of Wild Awakening

Slow Down Circle

Our invitation is to join us In Sacred Circle and ceremony.

Every first Thursday of the month. A curated journey of sharing, connection, sound, breath, movement, and inner awareness. Curated around 'The Nature of the Seasons' to encourage you to connect more to yourself and your surroundings.

︎Online    ︎ 7.15pm-9.15pm    |    £10 per session

Wild and Tender

Let us Hear you Roar. Gift your inner-child her voice back through a rites of passage held on sacred land.

Join us for a one day Retreat. A meaningful way to tune to your wild self. Feet on earth. Arms to the sky. Rooted, grounded, release what needs to be heard, to be seen.

What has been buried for so long? Tenderly roar yourself awake, unearthing your wildest, purest, most authentic essence.

︎ In Person    ︎ 1 day, from 10am-6pm 

ReDream & Rekindle

ReDream is winter pilgrimage into self to redream what we have forgotten.

ReDream is a process of remembering, of reawakening our dormant senses. Connected to a space where there is no time or boundaries. To take time to explore yourself, to make a commitment to bring you back to your own inner wisdom to be free to dream again.

ReKindle is a day pilgrimage into self to awken what has been slumbering.

ReKindle is for the moments in life when your internal flame is smoking, depleated of oxygen. A stirring of what you have forgetten, reigniting the sparks of your creative soul. An awakening of what lies dormant, a breathing in of fresh air to the fire of your soul. 


︎ Online, In person    ︎ 3 Months, from 12/12/2023 until the 12/03/2024


︎ In person    ︎ I day, 11/03/23
Watch for updates of more dates this year

The Ground

From which we stand, grow and relate (to ourselves, to others, to life).

The Ground program is one of cultivating your inner-leader and mastering ourselves so that we stand rooted in our be-ing.

Through this group coaching you will not only connect with the deepest and most knowledgeable parts of yourself, but you will connect with that part in others. Feeling support, seen and heard at all times.  

︎Online, In person    ︎ 6 weeks 

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