A day pilgrimage into your heart.

ReKindle is a journey to stoke the fire of your dreams, circling back to your centre. A tender inward listening to receive what wants to be seen and heard. This is a time to hear the parts we leave forgotten and left unattended.

Your dreams.
Your dreams sit as embers in the cave of your heart.
Waiting for you to breathe life onto them.
Together in ceremony and ritual, we will tune in deeply.

Walk with us, as we go on a pilgrimage into self.

Tickets for your place are;
£150 including light refreshment

Our offer for you until 28th Febuary is a special price early bird booking of  £120 (a saving of £30).

In person: Wonderful Things, Canning Town, London

1 day, 11/03/23 10am - 5pm


  • Held by two Certified Maturation facilitators and coaches
  • Ceremony and sacred ritual,
  • Sound and movement,
  • Dialogue, sharing and listening: Be truly seen and heard.
  • Rekindle bespoke oil blend.
  • Light refreshments.
  • Meditation and self-enquiry.
  • Connection to parts of you have forgotten.
Sara and Sarah hold spaces for heartfelt connection to others and your Womanhood.


A pilgrimage of three parts:

Part 1
Find your ember,

Part 2
Breath life into it,

Part 3
Tend your sacred flame.

Why do this?

This is a journey to awaken what is already inside of you.
To reignite your aliveness.
To serve your purpose, nurture your creativity, relationships, business, spiritual journey or what your heart wants to show you.

Why else are you here if not to live your fullest life?
Aren't these embers worth kindling, because who knows where they may take you.

Your calling awaits you.

If you would like to know more, send us a message.

What others are saying...

“Dear Sara, Sarah,  I absolutely feel fortified and held by you all and have found myself in a new possibility and confidence since the program.

There is a new ray of light. I have my oil next to me at my desk and i've been sleeping like a baby. I keep looking at my vision board in a sort of bemusement that it actually exists but what a blessing that is too! You both  put so much thought and work into every aspect of the programme. I keep thinking of how amazing it would be for more women to take part in the exercises. You should publish! Imagine! Thank you x.”

- Sandy, Client of UNEARTHYOU

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