Transformative Maturation™

As human beings, we carry within us imprints and conditioning of painful or stressful experiences from our past, both physical and psychological, that have not yet been felt and are ‘forgotten’ at a conscious level.

Imprints live as active memories in our unconscious and we give them meaning.. These meanings condition our physical, emotional and mental responses to life everyday without us realising it. We then ‘use’ these meanings or mechanisms to try to avoid possible suffering and to protect ourselves. Yet still, we suffer. If they are not defused they continue to condition our lives and prevent us from experiencing the beauty and power of our true nature. 
Transformative Maturation™ unearths a different lens from which to see life. You will learn you are not a fixed Being in time. You change and evolve continuously. You will learn the Courage to Choose.

With this work, YOU get to pause, to decide, to choose how. You will transform pain into pearls of wisdom and learn to outgrow old habits and behaviours. Shifting you into a new perspective and paradigm of self. This is an active listening and renewed relationshop for how life is, as it is.

A BECOMING who you are, from the inside out.
We work with the ‘BodyMind’ theory to integrate all parts of your being. To experience the ecology of our full self. 

This is a holistic and integrative approach. Connecting with the deepest parts of yourself, allowing you to reveal, embody and express the fullness of your own authentic and creative self.

“It is not a betterment nor a quick fix. It is about living an empowered life with grounded longevity, a remembering of
who you are”. 

- Sarah Page