I heard the whisper inside,
“there is another way..”

From lost to found.

Learning to be in life, infused with
a new field of awareness.  


A decade ago I began my own maturation journey. Having reached a crisis point in my own life I began coming up against metaphoric walls I had built as means of survival. It is what I now know to be, the past in control of the present; manifesting as self-sabataging behaviours that overwhelmed me.

Maturational coaching became the inner work I needed to take on so that I could awaken and restablish adulthood-unearthed phases of growth for a renewed way to see myself and to be in life. It is not a full stop, or an arrival, it’s a beginning. 

I once believed life happened to me. That you found happiness in people, places, and things. Unaware that under the surface; childhood trauma and conditioning was colouring how I experienced the world. As an adult I was living from unconsiously developed strategies... patterns and a way of being that later became a viscious cycle. Stemming from self-protective behaviour and an innate addiction to control . Wearing picture perfect ‘masks’ that I could no longer hide behind... I was far from feeling all together loved inside. During a profound moment I found myself desperately reaching for an answer, something deep inside spoke to me - a whisper - “Enough, Sarah there is another way”. I listened... a pathway opened up and a life-changing unearthing of myself began. With the holding of three teachers I found to walk alongside me, I began to learn that I was not my pain and that I had and have a choice.

I chose to train in the work I had traversed for my own transformation, so that I could be a safe space for others to do the same, no matter their story. The work is an awakening from the dormant autopilot of life. A clearing, a quest of exploration, a discovery a rebirth of the self.

To paraphrase one of my teachers - Dr. David Norris  “We think we get older but we don't, we just get taller, maturation is an outgrowing who your think you are to be who you really are”.

My Background

Entrepreneurial and creative; I co-founded a global awarding-winning design agency seventeen years ago, leading major clients such as Sohohouse Group, Christian Louboutin and Harrods to transform their brands. While directing, mentoring and growing a team of 30 amazing thinkers and designers.

When it was time radically change my own life, after 15 years of rebirthing myself,  i trained as an accredited coach and founded UNEARTHYOU.  

The work integrates the foundation of Macrobiotic cooking, alongside deep training in BodyMind theory with proven supportive healing methodolgies to cultivate balance. It includes but is not limited to; Five Elements Transformation, Breathwork, Trauma Regression Realignment, Five Masks and Defences, Ontological Inquiry, CBT, NLP, Transactions, Presence and Mindful Living.

A more conscious approach to life and a healthy self-expression so that YOU can be the source of your own power.

Training & Acknowledgment:

Animas | Certified Transformational Life Coaching & IFC Accredited | Humanistic life coaching for personal, leadership and social change.
Alchemy of Being | Certified Maturation Coach | Wholistic approach to Bodymind: body, food, mind and soul. 

Concord Institute of Further Education | Integral approach to the human condition. 
Mindvalley |
Programs in human transformation. 

Reiki Practitioner | Levels 1 & 2.
Sadhguru Guru | Inner Engineering | Learn to intiate tools from the science of yoga. 

The Advisory & | For collaborating, guiding and supporting me with my expression of UNEARTHYOU from the vision I had inside. Thank you!
Doris Mari Demetriadou | For collaborating and creating the design expression of UNEARTHYOU. Thank you!
Claire Waddel | Portrait photographer who sees who a human being really is. Bringing an individuals power to life through the art of the lens.

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