“Outgrowing who you think you are opens up a whole new world"

- Sarah Page
Working with Sarah, you will gain a fresh perspective on yourself and life, seeing what is waiting to be revealed from the inside. Her approach is a unique blend of Transformation, Maturation and Human-Centred Coaching. She focuses on helping people towards a more purposeful and fulfilling life by overcoming  limitations.

She specialises in guiding you to learn about yourself, to understand root of your beliefs and  behaviours that may hold you back, so that you can move beyond them into a space of expansion and possibility. Empowering you to rewrite you story and rescript your life, and gain the confidence to choose your pathway to move forward.

After hearing her own calling, she took her exit from her Design Agency she co-found and began a journey to transform her own life. Her promise is to walk you through a powerful journey empowering you to do the the same.

“If you find yourself here, maybe something is whispering to you too...”There is another way” I would love to journey with you so that you unearth who you truly are”.
Sarah x