My clients experiences...

“The work that I did with Sarah has completely changed my being, mindset and outlook on life. I cannot thank her enough for the guidance and support that she has given me.

I feel totally different now to how I did at the start of our 6 month journey together. In the beginning I was lost, tired, frustrated and stuck. I knew I needed to release and work through some deep trauma that was preventing me from moving forwards, but didn’t know how to go about it.

Through the power of maturation coaching, every aspect of my life has improved. From my communication, my diet and practices of self care - I have gained the awareness to be responsible for myself and my patterns. In our sessions, I was able to connect with my inner child and it was the most powerful experience I have encountered so far. Thank you Sarah. You are truly wonderful.”

- Lucy, Artist and PR
“Working with Sarah has been nothing short of revelatory. When I came to Sarah I was struggling to see the wood for the trees, trapped in unhelpful cycles that weren’t serving me or anyone else.

Sarah’s insight and approach has provided new tools to not just see the world more clearly, but also find a new approach to old problems, giving me hope, clarity and a clear path forward.

I can only recommend her in the highest possible way”

- Justin, Creative Agency Owner
and Creative Director
“Sarah has supported me on a journey of self discovery, holding me accountable for my actions and helping me to consider my personal and career options.

The most rewarding moment was when Sarah identified my patterns and behaviours that have kept me in a continual loop of the wrong choices. By making me self aware and encouraging me to take the steps to broaden my thinking, I have started to make the shifts in my life that are allowing me to live by my values and love this life.”

- Caroline, Business Coach