The Clearing: 
Short burst facilitation, for moments of ‘stuckness’.

Impromtu sessions for when you need to re-centre yourself, so that you can leap with confidence into owning your own decisions.

Everything we need to dissolve overwhelm is already in us. 
The Clearing is a loving reminder.

Choose your clearing;
The Clearing : Drop in sessions
The Clearing : A mini program

See below for more detail

The RoadMap

The Clearing : Drop in sessions: £200 per session

︎Online ︎ 60  min Sessions

The Clearing : A mini program: £585
  • Inbetween holding/support via WhatApp
  • Awareness Workbook
  • Recorded 10 minute Guided Meditation

︎Online ︎3 x 60 min Sessions

Both include

  • 1:1 Private Sessions
  • Maturation BodyMind Tools & Techniques
  • Life Changing Tools



Be seen, heard, held and supported.

The Clearing: Drop-in session @£150 per Session

The Clearing 60 minute sessions are for moments in life when you are stuck, need clarity or need a new perspective so that life can flow again—guiding to see life from a different lens to clear some internal space and shift your immediate day-to-day. Together, we focus on one area of your life where you need support or a reset. These sessions are a maximum of two per person and must booked over the course of two weeks. 

These sessions are not for significant life transformation; they aim to reset the now.

The Clearing: Mini program @£550 for three weeks facilitation.

For a deeper dive into an area of life which you blocked in, choose the three-week intensive option. Be prepared, we will deep dive quickly into what’s out of sync, so you can segue through. A short yet powerful mini-program tailored to you.

Sessions are on Zoom. 

For more profound Life Challenges choose The Oydssey—A voyage of embracing your own power;

Move beyond blocks and struggles holding you back and connect to the immense aliveness within you. Become free of the noise in your head, and uncover what is causing the repeated patterns and exhausting cycles in your life so that you are empowered to transform who you are being, to who you truly are. Understand yourself, your self-sabotage, fear, overwhelm, and procrastination so that you can unlearn those habitual ways of ways of being. Change your experience of yourself so you change your relationship with life and others. Were you cultivate healthier and stronger experiences that work for you instead of seeming like they are against you. Be clear and design your vision for life anchored in what you truly want, need, and deserve.

To start your journey book in a free 45 minute Discovery call.

What others are saying...

“Sarah is knowledgeable, professional, considerate and dedicated to helping you help you in your transformation towards your best self. At the beginning of my sessions with Sarah, I lacked confidence and I didn’t know how to achieve my personal objectives. I felt simultaneously lost, cornered and angry.

Thanks to Sarah and the tools that she gave me, I am taking control of my life in function of what I value most, one step at a time. After only a few months, I already feel more positive and creative, and I’ve undertaken projects that I had been putting off for ages. With work and Sarah’s help and goodwill, anyone has the chance to change the things they don’t like in their life. I happily recommend Sarah to anyone and everyone.”  

- Ameilie, Client of UNEARTHYOU

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