The Oydssey:
Inner searching to create a profound shift in your life.

With unadulterated conviction; witness, commit and face all the shades that you are. 

To shed unconcious layers that weigh you down, and walk a path of self-revolution.

The RoadMap to six months of 1:1 Coaching.

︎Online ︎ 14 x 60min Maturation

  • Maturation Guides
  • Maturation BodyMind tools & techniques
  • Accountability
  • Weekly assignments & integration
  • Life changing tools
  • Practices & daily rituals
  • Daily weekly support voice notes
  • Maturation Essetnial Oil Blend


This program is for those who are ready to no longer bypass the uncomfortable parts of themselves. To be in full relationship with all the elements that shape your being. And to have every part acknowledged within the safety of your own Odessy. An excavation of the BodyMind; to recognise and understand habitual modes of being. Together we will dissolve self-destructive patterns and belief systems. To have you present, enabling a new experience to unearth.  

To unlearn who you think you are; to relearn who you really are.  

To start your journey book 
To start your journey book in a free 45 minute Discovery call.

What others are saying...

"I turned to Sarah when I felt I had already explored everything.  What I found was a capacity for deep heartfelt empathy that I had never thought possible before. Her own experiences have led to a powerful intuition and patience to understand that was, frankly, a life saver.  

She has helped me to get closer to some of  life's most valuable understandings... I know that I have an inner voice that is there to be listened to and a heart worth caring for. Sarah's breadth of knowledge means she is endlessly resourceful in finding new ways to help you to feel and understand how your body, mind and spirit are in communication.  It is a difficult road but Sarah could not be a better, kinder guide. "

- Sandy, client of UNEARTHYOU

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