The Oydssey:

A walking towards yourself.
A full embrace of self, at your pace, in your time.

 Embark on an odyssey of deep self-discovery, weaving together the transformative power of inner child healing, shadow work, and the exploration of being-in-the-world. Transcend limitations, reshape perceptions, and uncover your true self as you navigate your inner landscape.

Being-in-the-world refers to the profound exploration of our existence and how we perceive and interact with the world around us. It involves questioning and examining our perspectives, shedding conditioning, and embracing the freedom to see the world with fresh eyes. Through this journey, you'll develop heightened self-awareness, navigate the interplay between perception and self, and stand firmly in your truth.

It is time to live authentically, becoming the author of your own narrative. Align your reality with your deepest desires and values, navigating the uncharted waters of personal growth and transformation.

I will walk by your side as you voyage through this transformative odyssey to unlock your extraordinary potential. Together we will shine a light on your blind spots, unearth what has been running your life. healing and integrating your inner worlds. From this place embrace the outer world with a renewed sense of authenticity and meaning.

From this new place stand you can rewrite and visualise the next chapter of your life with regenerated inner power.  

Let the exploration of perception, inner healing, and being-in-the-world guide you towards a more fulfilling and authentic existence.

︎Online ︎ 8/16 x 60-75min maturation sessions

Tailored to your needs.

  • Month 1: Weekly faciltation and coaching
  • Month 2/3 Bi weekly facilitation and coaching
  • Observation guide workbooklets
  • BodyMind tools & techniques
  • Accountability
  • Weekly assignments & integration
  • Life changing tools
  • Practices & daily rituals
  • Daily/weekly support voice notes
  • Tailored Essential Oil Blend


Experience a profound shift in perception, self-awareness, and way of being in the world through our transformative program. Unlock your true potential, cultivate authentic self-expression, and embark on a journey of emotional healing and empowered living. Discover a more fulfilling, purpose-driven, and joyful existence as you navigate life with clarity, resilience, and a deep sense of purpose. Forge meaningful connections, unlock your limitless potential, and embrace a life of authenticity, fulfilment, and personal growth

All tailored around your specific needs, want and desires.

A holistic embrace of your world to regain balance, and unlearn who you think you are; to relearn who you really are.

To start your journey book in a free 45 minute Discovery call.

What others are saying...

"I turned to Sarah when I felt I had already explored everything.  What I found was a capacity for deep heartfelt empathy that I had never thought possible before. Her own experiences have led to a powerful intuition and patience to understand that was, frankly, a life saver.  

She has helped me to get closer to some of  life's most valuable understandings... I know that I have an inner voice that is there to be listened to and a heart worth caring for. Sarah's breadth of knowledge means she is endlessly resourceful in finding new ways to help you to feel and understand how your body, mind and spirit are in communication.  It is a difficult road but Sarah could not be a better, kinder guide. "

- Sandy, client of UNEARTHYOU

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