Tranformative Maturation Coaching

The meeting of your extraordinary whole Being.
 A life-changing process to BE the source of your own power.

Helping you Flourish amidst chaos, uncertainty and overwhelm.

Welcome to your journey.


Reorientate to reclaim time, space and personal freedom; encountering a new experience
of self and life.

Shift the ‘something’s not working’ into a birthing and writing of something else, yet to be defined.

Be with Focus and in Flow.

Time to step off the merry-go-round, out of the darkness, into inner illuinmation, contemplation and emotional growth. Discover what needs to change, waiting to be revealed from inside you. Exploring and knowing who you are, is how you can live more feely; deeply connected, confident, and in flow.

A fine tuning of self.
Able to boundlessly flourish. 

Let’s listen together—beyond the noise to access a new place to stand in your life. A shedding of layers no longer needed, to reveal YOU, the key and creator of your own world.

This is your journey.
The unearthing of you so you can transfrom your life.

The UNEARTHYOU Guidebook

A complimentary introduction to Transformative Maturation; through a self initiated journey to discover deeper parts of yourself.

‘Who we are is hidden beneath who we think we should be.’

Sarah Page, Founder and Guide of UNEARTHYOU.

Hi, I’m Sarah

I believe each one of us has the power to change what is not working in our lives.

My Transformative Maturation Coaching practice focuses on empowering you to create the life you choose. I am here to support you as women in leadership and the women in your life.

A partnership for you to explore and exapnd who you are through
dialogue, self-exploration and bodywork.

Working from the inside cultivate Creative Emotional Intelligence, and untangle the conditioning of the past from the present while learning to be in 'relation' with life's challenges, so that you can fly. The journey is one of unearthing your authentic self, which is more powerful than you know.

I will introduce you to various psychology tools and models to empower you to; Move past limiting belief and mindset, develop self-compassion, confidence and esteem. Explore Inner Child work; Reframing Core beliefs; Anger and grief relational work. Relase the need for control, perfectionism, avoidance, people-pleasing or over-giving patterns that hinder choices in life.

Woven in is energy and somatic movement to unblock stagnation, proven supportive healing methodologies to cultivate balance, including Reiki and a bespoke oil blend to support emotional release.

The journey with me is one of empowering you to create the life you choose.

UNEARTHYOU is a space to empower you to let go of who you think you should be, to be in a new relationship with who you really are, with others and your world,
I would be honoured to meet you.

An Invitation

Together, we will we will map a new path. One where you embody a different story about who you are and how life is. We'll dissolve what holds you back from living from your hearts desire, revealing the root of what is limiting your vision. You will cultivate a new way to be in life with intentional action from deep self exploration.

The practice and journey you are invited on is one to identify and focus on what it is you need to move forward with clarity and confidence.
Reshaping your idea of what’s possible to unearth your fullest potential, so you can live the empowered and ambitious life you seek.

UNEARTHYOU will walk you home, with reverence and commitment to creating profound paradigm shifts to open up a new reality. You will stand on new ground, aligned in your mind, body and soul as the leader of your inner and outer world. 

This is your BECOMING – the meeting of your extraordinary whole Being.

Our Framework

I believe we are the creators of our lives.
Yet rarely do we ask ourselves fundamental questions about who we are, what we want to achieve, where we are, and why, underneath the perfect facade, we feel anything but ok. 

The intention of our work is for you to create new ways to experience yourself, your life, others and the world you live in. So you can recognise and breakthrough
disempowering beliefs to rise up empowered.

A personal methodology blends Modern Eastern and Western psychology and philosophy teachings, founded on a belief of 'BodyMind' theory a unique framework to bring you back to you.

It is shifting of thinking life is 'just happening to you' to 'life is happening with you'.
A journey to meet your authentic self.

Choose different paths to work together: Facilitated 1:1 coaching work where you learn to become self-directed rather than 'other-directed’.

Co-created group programs that hold you in unearthing spaces and gatherings.

If you hear the call to create profound change in your life, connect and let's have a conversation.

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