Start living, stop existing.

If you yearn for a deeper life, a fuller life
your pathway is waiting for you.

Guiding you to awaken your fullest potential.
A journey to living beyond who you think you are.



‘‘A fine tuning of self.
Able to boundlessly unfurl and flourish’’

- Sarah Page

Welcome home,

Are you ready for change?

What needs to change is waiting to be revealed from inside you. Knowing who you are, is how you can live more freely, deeply connected, confident, and in flow.

Be guided, supported and held in self-development, inner work and growth for progressing core areas of your life, whether personal, career or business vision and development.

Let’s listen together—beyond the noise to access a new place to stand in your life. Shedding layers no longer needed to reveal YOU, the key and creator of your world.

The space I hold for people is one of profound evolution. I call the unique blend work I offer Transformative Maturation.

Who is it for?

Individuals who are ready to step off the merry-go-round, out of the darkness and repetitive patterns that seem to run the show that you call life, beyond how life appears to you and who you being.

This is your space to heal emotional wounds, bring compassion to limiting beliefs, shine a light on your blindspots so you can see where you have been living from, the very Root of your pain. From the inside out.

The path is outgrowing who you think you are, living beyond your past to embody who you truly are. The brightest most authentic version of yourself.

From this place, a new realm of potential and possibility opens up.

The UNEARTHYOU Guidebook

A complimentary introduction to Transformative Maturation; through a self initiated journey to discover deeper parts of yourself.

“Let the world know who you are not as you think you should be...”

- Fanny Brice
Each one of us has the power to change what is not working in our lives.

Through dialogue, self-exploration and bodywork you will be introduced to proven psychology tools and models that move
Woven in is energy and somatic movement to unblock stagnation, supportive healing methodologies to cultivate balance.

Guided by Founder Sarah Page.


The Framework

A deep and intimate dive into self-exploration to identify and focus on what you need to move forward with conviction.

With reverence and commitment to reframing a new reality, you will stand on new ground, in alignment with the “BodyMind”.

This is your BECOMING – the meeting of your whole extraordinary Being.

The work intends for you to experience yourself, your life, others and the world you live in, through a new empowered lens. Where you learn to become self-directed rather than 'other-directed’.

A safe and deeply held immersive journey where you discover healing, clairty and growth—from the inside out.

Are you ready to fall in love with life?
Choose the Path that speaks to you and let me guide you.

The Odyssey (1-1 for 3/6 months)
The Return  (Group for two months)
The Clearing  (1-1 for Impromptu needs) 
The Quest (Group for three months)

If you hear the call to create profound change in your life, connect and let's have a conversation.


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